For athletes

Whether it’s for personal use to test your limits and improve yourself, or to follow a competition schedule with elite athletes to get ready for CrossFit competitions, Deka Comp programming by Michèle Letendre is just what you need. This is a complete CrossFit program with different strengths, cardiovascular endurance, gymnastics, and many other targeted exercises.

for boxes

If you own a box and are looking for a complete CrossFit program for your group classes, you will be delighted with Deka Comp’s box programming subscription. You’ll get privileged access to a programming designed to guide coaches during classes, and you’ll also benefit from Michèle Letendre’s comments on the goals and strategies behind each type of WOD.

For masters

If you are 45+ Master Athlete, this is for you! Our Masters programming revolves around the Masters CrossFit Games competition series; the Open, the Online Qualifier and the Games. For our Deka Comp Master’s athletes, we adjust volume, weight and gymnastic skills and add some accessory work as well as some mobility exercises.


Constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity through broad time and modal domains is at the root of our training here at Deka CrossFit. No matter what level you are at and whether you chose to compete or not.

It is with THIS in mind that Deka Comp was created. We aim to unite our elite competitors with our regular members while still offering the extra needs of a competitive/advanced athlete. Greg Glassman said this: « our needs differ not by kind but by degree ». By doing so, we help raise the level of our members and give a sense of responsibility to our advanced athletes.

After many years of competition, searching for a complete program and a lot of high and lows, I realized that the importance of a program isn’t solely the movements or combinations but rather the challenge it offers and the commitment from the athlete to continue despite the difficulty. Basically it needs to be difficult, enjoyable and rewarding.
– Michèle Letendre

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