You will see that our programming revolves around the three CrossFit Games competition series, the Open, Regional and the Games. Most people will have their important competition with the Open and the Regionals. We aim to vary programming as much as possible in order to widen the margins of experience but you will definitely notice trends in training based on those competitions.

This programming also aims to excel in CrossFit competitions, therefore the core of our program is the CrossFit training method. Around this method, we add accessories and some more specific work but they will stay accessory.


Whether it’s for personal use to test your limits and improve yourself, or to follow a competition schedule with elite athletes to get ready for CrossFit competitions, Deka Comp programming by Michèle Letendre is just what you need. This is a complete CrossFit program with different strengths, cardiovascular endurance, gymnastics, and many other targeted exercises.

For personal use of the program, it will function much like you were one of our gym’s members. Through the link below, you can purchase the monthly membership and create your account on Wodify. You can then use the app to sign in and insert scores.


All my life I have been around Sport and Art. I was a competitive swimmer then Waterpolo player for many years in my childhood into my teens. I have competed provincialy, nationaly and internationaly in Waterpolo and, in some cases, as team captain. I studied design in University and nearing the end of my degree is when I found CrossFit and the rest is history.

2011 – 2nd place, Canada East Regional

2011 – 25th Place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2012 – 1st place, Canada East Regional

2012 – 24th place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2013 – 2nd place, Canada East Regionals

2013 – 13th place, at Reebok CrossFit Games

2014 – 2nd place, Canada East Regional

2014 – 4th place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2014 – Invitational Team Canada competitor – San José, USA

2015 – 1st place, East Regional

2015 – 18th place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2015 – Invitational Team Canada coach – Madrid, Spain

2016 – 3rd place, East Regional

2016 – 16th Reebok CrossFit Games

2016 – Invitational Team Canada competitor – Toronto, Canada

2017- East Regionals:

4 Regional Athletes:

Nycolas Joyal, Jean-Sébastien Roy-Lemaire, Patrick Vellner& Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault

2017- CrossFit Games:

2 Individual Athletes:

Patrick Vellner, 4th place and Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault,15th place

1 Teen Athlete:

Marie-Pier Bonneau, 16th place

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One day programming example

WOD Scaling/Stimulus/coaching cues
Weightlifting A. Jerk dip drives
3 jerk dip squats + 1 split jerk @ moderate to light weight
Athlete: The Jerk dip drives need thestay soft at the knees. Goal is keeping torso angle constant for all 4 reps (including jerk).
Lower Body, dynamic B. 6 x 3 heavy deads with a band @ moderate Athlete: looking for speedy reps and a tight midline. BE AWARE of over extension. Keep ribs in and think of hinging at the hip. To set up, step on band that is placed over the bar, so only one band.
Barbel Cycling C. 3 x 10 hang power clean @ medium heavy
rest 30 seconds between sets
Athlete: Barbell cycling so this needs to suck a bit (ok, a lot) but be successful
Metcon D. 3 rounds
30 calorie row
30 wallballs
30 kbs 24/16
Athlete: Unbroken.
Coach: This is the only element in the class so use time to teach the row, the wall ball and the kbs. In the row, you can talk about the s/m variable to help them understand how to better use their drive in the row. In the wallball you can focus on the squat with the correct line of action (hip going back and down) and in the KBS, focus on driving knees back as you push into the ground just like in the deadlift (slower) and push press (faster)
Core E. 5 rounds
25 ghd situps
25 ghd hip extensions

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