We have 5 days of training with 1 optional active recovery day on the Thursday and a full rest day on the Sunday. We vary training focuses daily. You will often have 2-3 days with a weightlifting focus and 2-3 days with a gymnastics focus with one day focused on conditioning. Second sessions are always optional and focus more on lower skill training such as extra conditioning (mono-structural work) some odd object, accessories and stability. A week can look like this:

Monday: Gymnastics focus (push + push) + metcon + accessory + conditioning + Session 2

Tuesday: Weightlifting focus (Snatch) + accessory (squats, pulls, etc) + metcon, etc

Wednesday: Gymnastics focus (pull + pull) + accessory + metcon + core/post chain + Session 2

Thursday: Rest or Active Recovery

Friday: Weightlifting focus (Clean) + accessory (squats, pulls, etc) + metcon + accessory + core/post chain

Saturday: Conditioning + Strength/technique + metcon + accessory

Each day includes a warm up, a technical portion and/or a loading portion, a metcon, accessory work and core/post chain work. When certain technical portions require explanation, we provide videos from Youtube to explain the idea and the POP to focus on.

The “Regional” program is the highest level program we have. This program will include anywhere between 2-4 double sessions/week and can take up to 4.5 hours a day. For those who do not have the capacity or the time to put in 2 sessions, the “Open” program takes the priority sections from the “Regionals” program and set them up so that you can be done training within 2 hours.

This program is written up to help athletes build up to the requirements of Sanctionals. We include high level skills, strength work and intense conditioning pieces. Our program is built to peak for the open and will then provide maintenance for the remainder of the season (until June) using a cycle of 3-5 week of loading and 1 de-load week. At the moment, we are examining the options for the Open program to include a longer off season and re-building phase (strength bias).

Deka Comp is a one stop shop. I developed this program with the idea of bringing the competitive athletes and the box members together under the same roof and on the same floor. Our programming is meant to challenge your best athletes, include your most beginner members as well as elevating your coach’s ability to teach and coach all levels. Our program for boxes is sent out the week before and has all the sections included in a .PDF document. You’ll be able to see which sections are for the “open” athletes and the sections for the group class are written in red. Beside the sections written in red are Coach’s cues which explain the stimulus, the modifications and gives you and your coaches specific elements and movements to look at. This service is my pride and joy, I truly believe we offer one of the best services for boxes out there.

Deka Comp’s Master’s program has a bit more attention to mobility and technical sections.

We do not believe in forcing contracts on anyone. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

You can do so by sending an e mail to: dekacomp@dekacrossfit.com place in subject: Cancel Membership (insert your name as written in Wodify)

Yes, after the 12 month period the membership will automatically renew. If you wish to stop the automatic renewal, send us an e mail at dekacomp@dekacrossfit.com

Although the Deka Comp program periodizes for the Open, our goals is to help everyone get ready for any competition throughout the year. The rule of thumb for competitions is to reduce the volume of training 10 days or so before the competition and reduce the intensity about 4-6 days before the competition (Intensity meaning, adding rest between rounds, reduce % on lifts to 70-75% max lowering reps if necessary, etc). What I have found to be very effective on the days leading up to the competition is taking a full rest day 2 days before the competition starts then doing some active recovery on the day before the competition starts. Example: Competition start Friday, take Wednesday off, do some light active recovery on Thursday, no more than 45 minutes in the gym, and be ready to rock on the Friday.

Everyone has different weaknesses and strengths. Deka Comp includes lots of technical gymnastics and weightlifting sessions designed to make your movement more effective when it comes to including them in a workout. If movements such as ring muscle ups are a struggle for you but they are present in a workout in a high volume, my suggestion would be to scale the muscle up down to a lower skill gymnastics movement (pulling or pushing or both) for you to keep the training stimulus (high volume gymnastics). That being said, you will eventually need to include them in your workout so in this case, I suggest lowering the reps and use assistance if necessary (banded ring muscle ups for example). There are many progressions you can include in your workouts, you will simply need to be patient and disciplined on the quality of your movement as well as your expectations.

Everyone at some point in time will need to scale weights. My suggestion is to base your choice of weight on the number of reps in a workout. Workout with a total volume of reps above 30 should be considered a medium to light weight. You should be able to cycle the weight there.


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