All my life I have been around Sport and Art. I was a competitive swimmer then Waterpolo player for many years in my childhood into my teens. I have competed provincially, nationally and internationally in Waterpolo and in some cases as team captain. I studied design in University and nearing the end of my degree is when I found CrossFit and the rest is history.

2011 – 2nd place, Canada East Regional

2011 – 25th Place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2012 – 1st place, Canada east Regional

2012 – 24th place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2013 – 2nd place,  Canada East Regionals

2013 – 13th place,  at Reebok CrossFit Games

2014 – 2nd place, Canada East Regional

2014 – 4th place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2014 – Invitational Team Canada competitor- San José, USA

2015 – 1st place, East Regional

2015 – 18th place, Reebok CrossFit Games

2015 – Invitational Team Canada coach-Madrid, Spain

2016 – 3rd place, East Regional

2016 – 16th Reebok CrossFit Games

2016 – Invitational Team Canada competitor-Toronto, Canada

2017 – East Regionals: 4 Regional Athletes
Nycolas Joyal, Jean-Sébastien Roy-Lemaire, Patrick Vellner & Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault

2017 – CrossFit Games:

2 Individual athletes

• Patrick Vellner 4th place and Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault 15th place

1 Teen Athlete:

• Marie-Pier Bonneau, 16th place

2018 – Athletes: Laura Horvath, 2nd fittest on earth, Patrick Vellner 2nd fittest man on earth, Willy Gorges 9th fittest on Earth and Carol-Ann Reason Thibault, 19th fittest on earth and Mike Eberts, 6th Category 40-44


I was an energetic kid, touched pretty much every sports and specialties possible because I wanted to learn new stuff and meet people while being super active. At the age of 16 I combined my passion for
physical activity, teaching and community by leading aerobic classes and being a personal trainer. From then several certifications, exchanges with experienced teachers/coaches and of course a lot of training. I
am a strong believer that you can have a whole lot of fun and still perform at a high level. I can’t wait to work, share and laugh with you.

Early Childhood Education (2011-2014)

CrossFit level 1 (2014)

CrossFit level 2 (2015)

CrossFit KIDS (2015)

CrossFit Mobility (2015)

CrossFit Aerobic capacity (2016)

CrossFit Sports specific and application (2017)

Aerobic teacher (certified ANIE – 2008)

Zumba, KIDS, Sentao, toning (2009)

Group Power, Active, Ride (2010)

Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer (2011)

Gold medalist weightlifting competition, 53 Kg (January 2016)

Member of Deka CrossFit team in the 2016 East Regionals

And a lot of local competitions

lululemon ambassador


Counting 13 years of experience as a personal trainer, 6 years of experience as a CrossFit coach, and being a teacher and kinesiologist by training, I am definitely passionate about physical activity. I come from a family in which sports have always occupied a central role and thus always been a big part of my life. After playing soccer for 20 years, I discovered CrossFit. The various aspects that characterize this activity, such as its intensity, community spirit and propensity to constantly raise the bar, have made me a strong believer in the “CrossFit lifestyle.” My goal is now to share my knowledge and experience with others so that they may reach their objectives, whatever those might be!

Master in Kinesiology

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education

Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Level 2

Crossfit Aerobic Capacity

Crossfit Mouvement and Mobility

Power Monkey Fitness – Monkey Method

Agatsu Kettlebell

Weightlifting Seminar Chad Vaughn

Certification coaching Level 1: Badminton, Volley-Ball, Soccer, Swimming and Basketball

Individual Regional Athlete 2013

2018 Athlete: Michael Laverière 15th Category 35-39.


I was introduced to competitive sports at a very young age (hockey, karate, football) and discovered training when I was 15 years old. To me, it was a revelation, an outlet, and a discipline which allowed me to grow and bloom as a young man, but most importantly a passion in which I defined who I was as an individual.

I am now counting 18 years of experience as a personal trainer and 5 as a CrossFit coach. I truly wish that throughout my profession every athlete I encounter and coach benefits form everything training has to offer both physically and psychologically.

My priority and goal as a coach is to offer to any athlete that trusts me with his developpement, an environnement in which he can safely and effectively push his boundaries, thus reaching his full potential.Also provide him with surroundings and guidance to work with integrity, intensity and concistency today, in a concious effort to be a greater athlete/ human being tomorow.

Work experience

Personal fitness trainer and coach since 2000

Owner/ head coach L’ESCADRON inc. since 2013

Certifications and accomplishments

2nd degree balck belt Sho Dan karate 1997

Certified Kinotherapy massage therapist(Kinotech inc.) 2006

Kettelbell training specialist lvl1 (Kbell Training Academy) 2009

CrossFit Trainer lvl 12012

Functional training level 1 (Coach Export) 2014

CrossFit Trainer lvl 22015

Formations, workshops and seminars

Trained and coached in weightlifting by MarkNehme* ( *Montreal weightlifting club president, titular of an advanced training degree from the National Institute of Sports) 2014- 2017

Truths and lies of the food industry(Yannik Morin) 2014

POSE running technic(Yannik Morin) 2014

Posture and power(Apex Sports Performance) 2014

Introduction to applied gymnastics (Apex Sports Performance) 2014

Introduction to competitive weightlifting and performance analysis (Quebec Weightlifting Federation) 2015

Introduction to weightlifting (Apex Sports Performance) 2015

Gymnastic Clinic (Power Monkey Fitness) 2015

Advanced strenght progamming (Chales Poliquin, Strenght Senseï) 2015

Planning, performance and posture (Optimum education) 2016

Programming and power (Optimum education) 2016

Activation and functional training (Optimum education) 2016

The Movement fix (Dr. Ryan DeBell) 2016

Powerlifting seminar (Jesse Budrick, PowerWod) 2016

Handstand walk and hand to hand workshop (Myriam Côté, Myriade Fitness) 2017

Applied gymnastics for crosstraining (Éric Saintonge Fitness) 201

Gymnastic and Weightlifitng Clinic (Power Monkey Fitness) 2017

Aerobic Capacity (Chris Hinshaw, CrossFit) 2017

Crosstraining (Optimum education) 2018

Performance and mobility (Optimum education) 2018


As a child I was a competitive hockey player, so I started Crossfit with the determination to compete as an elite athlete. After a couple of months, I quickly understood that I wanted to dedicate my whole life to coaching and helping people achieve their goals. Which is directly linked to my choice of education and my desire to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle. As a coach, I truly believe that an athlete who wants to get better must master both physical and psychological aspects of his sport. Also, ensuring that my athletes grow with integrity, fun and stay focus on the goals set is part of my core values.


Coach at Intense-Cité Amos (2012-2013)

Coach at L’usine Crossfit Sherbrooke (2013-2018)

Athlete realisation

2014 Individual Crossfit games regionals

2016 Individual Crossfit games regionals

2018 Team Wodapalooza


Bachelor in science of human body movement (Université de Sherbrooke, 2018

Bachelor in teaching of Health and Physical Education (Université de Sherbrooke, 2019)

Workshop and seminars

Weightlifting seminar (Jean-Patrick Millette) 2015

Rowing workshop (Renaud G. Gendron) 2016

Running workshop (Catherine Bernier-Chabot) 2017

Amélioration des gestes haltérophiles à l’aide de la fragmentation de mouvement (Jocelyn Bilodeau, Optimum Education) 2018

Periodization, programmation and progression (Michele Letendre, Optimum Education) 2018

RD, M.Sc. (c) – Sports nutritionist

I’m a Registered Dietician since 2015 and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from University of Montreal. In order to get better, I’m completing a master’s degree in Sports Science. I’m also an ISAK certified anthropometrist level 1. Passionate about physical activity, especially CrossFit, I decided to orient my practice to help athletes reach their goals. All my interactions are evidenced based and I’m always looking for the latest data in the field.

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